Gaela Morrison

Geomancer, Artist, Teacher, and Sacred Travel Guide.

“”Creating sacred space in our environments and going on pilgrimage to powerful landscapes are direct ways in which we can cultivate a compassionate relationship with
the Earth.”.”

~ Gaela Morrison

I am a geomancer and feng shui consultant, an artist, teacher, and a travel guide for sacred sites pilgrimages and creativity retreats. I started my business, Forces of Nature
Design in 2000 to support and encompass all of these hats.

Celebrating beauty in all its forms and living a creative life are my passions – experiencing beautiful places in nature, places of power encountered in travel pilgrimage, making and appreciating art, and helping others to express their true creativity. I believe that beauty is a spiritual principle, it expands our energy and
connects us with our deeper self.

Whether it’s working with the subtle energies of someone’s home, or engaging with sacred landscapes on pilgrimage, my focus is to center on the heart and consciousness of the places. Introducing others to power spots of higher frequencies and holding the container for them to open to their own vision and experience is a great joy for me!

My education and background includes European geomancy and dowsing, shamanism, feng shui, and a diversity of ceremonial and contemplative practices. Being an art maker most of my life, I have also taught fiber sculpture and spontaneous

Currently, I offer small group pilgrimages to sacred places around the globe. My goal is to provide inspirational journeys to help us live in greater balance with ourselves and
the Earth.