Cultivating Right Relationship with the Spirit of Place

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What on Earth is Geomancy

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2024 – the year of the Yang Wood Dragon

February 10, 2024 begins the year of Yang Wood Dragon, a majestic and formidable dragon indeed. It coincides with the New Moon in Aquarius on February 9th.

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2023 – the year of the Yin Water Rabbit

Rabbit is an alchemist and shaman who derives its essence from the moon – a year for magic and creativity!  A new field of energy with a higher frequency is being introduced that may take awhile to adjust to.

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2022 – the year of the Yang Water Tiger

This promises to be a tumultuous year of unexpected shifts and changes! The Water Tiger is extremely explosive, spontaneous, determined, enthusiastic and innovative.

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2021 – the year of the Metal Ox

The Ox is all about brutal honesty, hard work, discipline, perseverance and conscientious efforts. The multiple disasters of the fast-moving and rapidly changing year of the Metal Rat did indeed present us with new opportunities to make changes to improve our world.

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2020 – the year of the Metal Rat

This year begins a brand new 12 year cycle. Adapt to changes and embrace new challenges! The clever and very busy Rat encourages us to focus on what we truly desire to build, and to take action toward manifesting our dreams. Download the article here.

February 16, 2018 ushers in the Year of the Yang Earth Dog!

The Dog’s greatest strength is unconditional love, loyalty and devotion to those he cares about the most. The Dog is a protective guardian of JUSTICE, with a keen sense of right and wrong…… Download the article here.


Year of the Dynamic Fire Monkey: An Astrological Map of 2016

Prepare for a huge shift in the energies from the past year, for the Yang Fire Monkey will absolutely shake things up! A year where anything is possible, this clever genius brings unpredictability, fast and furious change, and asks us to think outside the box in a most unconventional and flamboyant fashion…


Year of the Yin Wood Sheep 2015

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Wake Up! It’s year of the Yin Fire Rooster!

Rooster announces the dawn, prompting us to get on with it – awakening us to our true purpose. Considered a sacred and honored bird, Rooster prods us to stand up, speak up, step up…

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