We offer on-site and remote consultations, energy clearings and harmonizations for buildings and land. Our work is an original and continually evolving approach to Earth energy work (geomancy) and the creation of sacred space.

Spaces have a consciousness just as we humans do. An intimate relationship exists between people and their properties – our inner landscape is reflected in the outer landscape – including our home, business and community. Our work is based on the principle of reciprocity – it involves re-weaving the relationship of the human to the spirit of the land for the benefit of both.

By listening deeply to the story of the property and the people involved, often significant insights and karmas are revealed. Areas of energy blocks, disharmony, and unresolved issues can be exposed. While many of the blockages are harmonized during the session, some involvement is often required by the client to create real shifts.

We Collaborate: From initial project section through design and installation, we are happy to collaborate with architectural, interior design and planning teams for residential, commercial, institutional, and retreat properties.

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Geomancy – the study of Earth energies and their effect on all life forms. Dowsing, Earth Acupuncture, Sacred Geometry, Ritual and intuitive practices are tools used to harmonize properties and create sacred spaces.

Offering guided journeys to sacred places around the globe.

Workshops and Presentations: current offerings are on events page or available by invitation. Dowsing, Feng Shui, 9 Star Ki Astrology, Chinese Face Reading, local sacred sites visits with perception practices, various art classes.

Feng Shui: Classical, Compass, Western, and Form school Feng Shui are all utilized to reveal the ‘story’ of a place and one’s relationship with it. Natural principles of five-elements are applied to remedy imbalances in buildings and landscapes.

Property Clearing purifies and revitalizes the atmosphere of land and buildings, clears stagnant or disturbing energies and non-beneficial patterns from past trauma or other people’s energies.

Geopathic Stress and EMF (electromagnetic field frequencies and disturbances) Diagnostic and mitigation of unhealthy energy fields; location of any auspicious places on property.

Blessing Ceremonies and rituals for: ground breaking, clearing, selling and re-patterning for a new purpose.

Art services: art commissions and Feng Shui enhancements to create balance and beauty for interior and exterior. Public art, labyrinth or medicine wheel collaborations.

Real Estate: assistance with selection of healthy and compatible properties; clearing and adjustments for selling stagnant real estate; relocation agent referral – finding best agent for buying or selling a property (Agent referral is a free service.)

Fees – This work is in depth and detailed. Consultations are individually assessed; fees are based on the size and scope of project on a case by case basis.